The CaminoLB

A List

The rain, the pain, the joy, the laughter, the stories.
The sun, the mist, the hail, the dogs, the cows, the calves
the coats on, the coats off again.
The sweets, the nuts, the wine, the beer, the chips, the eggs
the coffee, the cake.
The doctors, the activists, the clowns, the mothers, the fathers, the sisters,
the grandmother.
The boots, the poles, the hats, the ankles, the blisters.
The tips, the trials, the teapots, the bayleafs, the bus.
The spirit, the fight, the screams, the tears, the prayers, the silence.
The monasteries, the cloisters, the dormitories.
The moss, the trees, the woods, the forests, the granite, the stones
the paths, the tracks, the roads, the mud.
The pride, the strength, the care, the love, the leaders, the loss,
the life, the earth, the living
And the dead.