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Thoughts from the Light Show

Last week I went to an amazing exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, the Light Show.

The first hall hosts what looks like a futuristic elevator, Cylinder 11. I stood mesmerised as the light pulsated. Remember the Weather Project in the Tate modern, it’s creator, Olafur Eliasson, returns with a water garden, strobing lights capture water droplets midflight, reminding me of Japanese gardens amid the volcanic landscape of Iceland. Followed up with a series of rooms all lit with a single colour but combining to produce a rainbow along the back wall. So extraordinary that strangers even start talking to each other. Read More…

Grey sky, cake tins and art

I have just come back from 3 days in Glasgow, the wind blew, the rain fell and the skies were grey. But it was just what I needed. Time tolaugh,smile,marvel and relax. Talk to old friends, go to museums, go to cafes in museums, eat too much and drink too much. Snigger over cake tins decorated with reindeer, and sing the paper boat song in the rain, wish that the train ride was longer but the distance shorter. Read More…



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