A whimper not a bang

April has started with a whimper not a bang, strangled by greyness, crippled by cold and compounded by welfare, death and orphanages. That’s what the view from the hill looked like this week.

Maybe I should stop following the news, switch off twitter and bury my head in fiction and films. Maybe I should stop running and try slow walking, take a long bath rather than a quick shower and fill my days crocheting, gardening or baking. After all it might do as much good as looking at the world and watching things get worse. Read More…

Spinning a yarn

My daughter takes me to places I would otherwise never go. Last Friday, on a sadly predictable grey and miserable afternoon in North London we arrived, somewhat circuitously, at what looked like an outpost of London zoo, a concrete bunker replete with iron railings, a steep ramp and with a pile of crinkly leaves carpeting the entrance.

Somewhat tentatively we made our way inside. ‘Hi Iona, so you have brought your mother with you today?’. Without a hint of embarrassment Iona grinned widely caring less about her mother, and more about the hour or so ahead. Read More…

I have a dream

Last week sitting in a dreary convent school in Camden, all polished floors, shiny bannisters and labyrinthine corridors, I dreamt.

There is talk of a new further education college in Camden. A place where a daughter like mine might attend. Read More…

An hour of peace

The wheelchair trundled across the cobbles, onto the decking, slid through the doors and into the lift. We emerged into the haven that is the Special Yoga Centre. Young people humming around, candles glowing and incense wafting. There was a buzz and a chorus of cheery, “Hellos”. Iona was warmly welcomed by her friends.

Read More…

Grey sky, cake tins and art

I have just come back from 3 days in Glasgow, the wind blew, the rain fell and the skies were grey. But it was just what I needed. Time tolaugh,smile,marvel and relax. Talk to old friends, go to museums, go to cafes in museums, eat too much and drink too much. Snigger over cake tins decorated with reindeer, and sing the paper boat song in the rain, wish that the train ride was longer but the distance shorter. Read More…



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