Angry Parents

‘I quite like angry parents, you used to be angry Linnet’

She was right. I used to be angry with the system nearly all the time but now I am angry only some of the time.

I used to be angry, defeated and exhausted. Then people started listening, then they started trusting and now they have start believing that all I ever want is what is best for my daughter. So now I still get angry but I only get angry some of the time.

Things that made me angry this week

Going to my daughters prom and being with a bunch of amazing young dudes and knowing some will struggle to get meaningful jobs and an ordinary life.

Catching kids baiting a man enjoying a can of Special Brew in the sun

Seeing Ability Bow an amazing gym in the East End of London have £40000 of funding withdrawn and hearing that there is still funding for a paralympic legacy group.

Reading that it was going to cost £54 for my daughter to go on a boat trip costing £9 even although she would be with her own PA and using her own car to get there. So that’s £45 just to join people from a neighbouring borough who might one day be her friends.

Applications for a PA position that start with I love children. My daughter is 19.

Applications that end with, I am willing to undertake this task.

Considering things that my daughter might like to do next year and realising not one of them happens to be in a building with an appropriate loo. Most of them run for disabled people. Basic fundamental stuff.

And something that made me more than angry

A young man died in an assessment unit whilst taking a bath. A young man that made people laugh and through his mother still does. A young man that in a parallel universe where people were listening would still have a future.

So finally

I know why some good people like angry parents because they are the people that can change the bits of the system that are rotten, but is it too much to ask that the rotten system starts to change itself and that the angry parents can enjoy only being angry some of the time.