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Linnet Macintyre

linnetI left Scotland more than 30 years ago to live in London. It wasn’t love at first sight, from a grubby flat on Green Lanes to a cupboard in the Oval, all the time juggling with the crazy world of 80’s advertising. I swore I would never have children here, I did and I stayed. Now I love London – but I can hate it sometimes too.

My life changed dramatically when my daughter Iona was born. She is an amazing young woman and, like both my children, a huge inspiration to me. Her default position is happy. She enjoys so many things – some predictable, some less so.


Iona Birrell

She was, however, born with a rare genetic condition: CDKL5. She is profoundly disabled and suffers from complex epilepsy.

When she left school we were told the only future available for her was in a residential college outsideLondon. I did not believe that was true. I was unable to accept that her only future was away from the people she loves and the community she grew up in.

She now has her own flat in the basement of our family home and is supported by a wonderful team. She enjoys all that London has to offer and lives a life that is creative, enriching and full.

I am passionate about making London a better place for my daughter.


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